November 14, 2013

Euna Mae's Best-Selling Gift Items for Christmas 2013

I haven't really even told y'all right here on Euna Mae's about the wonderfully successful and REALLY fun time we had at the Northwest Arkansas Boutique Show last weekend. I'm still trying to get settled and back in the swing of things around here, but it was the most thrilling weekend for me and my team. We got to meet a gazillion of you who are already EM's faithfuls. I hugged necks. I shrieked. I shared recipes and ideas. I heard y'all say you'd made your own chicken stock and lemon glazed cake! I even got choked up with a few of you and squeezed your hands. It was a special weekend because you all received Euna Mae's so beautifully. And it encouraged my soul. So hugs to every one of you who came and who wished you could've come. It was a big huge treat!

In the very first hour, there were items that sold plum OUT! The VIP shoppers who paid to come early are a hard-core bunch of women! They swept through the Euna Mae's booth grabbing arms-full of spoons, vanilla, measuring cups, and salt and pepper shakers!  And the rest of the weekend I was just sick to tell the rest of the shoppers that these items were long-gone. BUT because these four items sold so so SO quickly, I'm reordering these best-sellers for the holiday season!! Here's how you can get your hands on these fun kitchen goodies!

{best-selling gift items}

(2 classic rounded spoons and 2 flat-edged spoons: 11.8" tall)
If you've never laid eyes or hands on olivewood utensils, then you're missing out. This Middle Eastern wood is stunning the way it is swirly and grained. And it's the silkiest smooth wood ever.  I bought my first set on my trip to Israel last year, and I'll never buy another wood for as long as I live. Keep or give all four utensils OR break them into singles or pairs and gift them with baked goods or kitchen towels!

These reproduction American glass shakers are stunners. The color is fabulous. They're significant in size (4.5x2.5) which makes them heavy and feel so good in your hands! This pattern is called "eye-winker"....look at the picture closely and you'll see the eye and lashes looking at you in the pressed glass. What a one-of-a-kind gift!

Jadeite makes my heart flutter. This reproduction jadeite color is great! And this one-cup measuring cup makes an everyday item a little bit fancy. Three pour spouts for convenience (and charm!) with the measurements embossed in the side of the cup. So. Cute.

8 oz. homemade vanilla extracts are made right here in my own kitchen with premium imported vanilla beans that are so rich and fragrant! Euna Mae's homemade vanilla extract comes in simple, clear bottles reminiscent of old-fashioned glass medicine bottles. Because the vanillas require time to cure, all vanillas ordered in this special offer will be cured and ready to use in mid-to-late December. Just in time for holiday baking and tucking in stockings!

{how to order}

 Please email and include the following:
Your name
Your mailing address
Your phone number
The number of items you're ordering

Invoices will be sent to your email address for you to pay with any debit/credit card. Invoices must be paid before the order ships. Unpaid invoices by November 30 will be canceled and the items will be available for others to purchase. Your items will not be held or reserved.

All items will ship to you with minimal shipping charges since everything is light-weight. Sorry but there will be no local pick-ups available! Orders should arrive around December 10-12 if not sooner.

Merry Euna Mae's Christmas!!