January 22, 2014

sharing batch

I've been in my kitchen the last few days writing and testing pound cake recipes. I know. Poor me. I experimented with different flavors and glazes and zests and other fun ingredients. And I found a few that I'm ca-RAZY about! Gosh, I love pound cake. Do you??!! So delicious. And it always reminds me of Euna Mae who was best known for her bundt cakes. Sigh. Sweet memories.

Naturally after making several cakes, I had a lot to share! So I sliced, packaged, and marked individual pieces of cake, loaded up my carrier, and drove them to doorsteps and mailboxes around my town with my youngest who was spending a sick/hookie day at home. We gave pound cake to neighbors, cousins, church friends, old friends, new friends, people with something to celebrate and people who had something on their hearts. And I was giddy! I love to make and share food. It's the way I show love. Hands down. And I loved that it was an opportunity to include my son in serving and treating others. We had a big time! And it was so fun to hear from people when they realized they had been visited by the Pound Cake Fairy. Did my heart good.  And it did good to theirs too.

Now I delivered pound cake yesterday for no particular reason other than I had a bunch of it on a Tuesday. But making extra food and giving it away is the norm in my kitchen. So today I'm encouraging you to get in the habit of making a Sharing Batch. Double-up on your recipe, and store it in your fridge for a few days so you are armed and ready to serve someone who has a need. And trust me, you will hear within a day or two of making your Sharing Batch that someone could use a cake, bowl of soup, or pan of enchiladas. A house fire, a car wreck, a slip on the ice, a cancer diagnosis, a death, a divorce, a move, the flu, or just Life being too much. You may also hear of special birthdays, engagements, new babies, new homes, new jobs, or other Life celebrations! Either way, you'll be prepared to show love with your Sharing Batch.

Just in case you need a little nudge...read about Stef's Sharing Batch.

I've always meant to start making my own chicken stock, but I've never gotten around to doing it until you posted your process on Euna Mae's. This Sunday I made it, put half the chicken back in with veggies and egg noodles for chicken noodle soup, and used the other half of the chicken to make a Mexican casserole last night. So, since I used an entire bag of noodles and all the broth, I clearly had a TON of soup. As I was putting it away I sort of half asked God if anyone needed soup. Monday morning, I saw on Facebook that a friend of mine who had just finished her 4th chemo treatment was extra sick this time and I was able to drop soup on her doorstep an hour later, after texting her and learning that soup is the only thing she feels well enough to eat. Today, I found out a girl in our community group has a knee injury, and since they are new to the area and their families are far away (and they have a one yr old), they have relatively little support. So, this afternoon I was able to take more soup and lots of leftover casserole by their house. We still have leftovers to eat for lunches ourselves the next few days! I always love taking meals to people, but this week has been such a neat opportunity to just share food instead of doing extra planning and shopping, like I normally have to do to take a meal. Just wanted to say thanks for the yummy and economical inspiration that has allowed me to show Jesus' love this week. It has been like loaves and fishes around here, except with boiled chicken. (smile) 

If you have an opportunity to give a Sharing Batch, take a picture and post it on Instagram and tag @eunamaes OR post it on your Facebook and tag me Amy Nelson Hannon. I'd love to use your Sharing Batch to encourage others to do the same! 

Food speaks love, y'all.