February 14, 2014

euna mae's retail store coming soon!

Happy Valentine's Friday! Guess what?? I'm opening a store! A real brick-and-mortar, come-through-the-doors, see-your-face store! I told y'all there was gonna be a big, fun announcement this Friday! Isn't it big and fun?! I wish so much that we were on my couches with coffees talking all about it. I'd tell you all kinds of wonderful things that have happened along the way and how the Lord has made so many of the details really clear - things that have given me the go-ahead nudge. But it's happening, and I'm so excited I could bust!

{my heart}
I have been so thankful to have the perfect setup to start, manage and grow three brands from home for 13 years while my babies have been growing up. And while I have definitely loved the days in yoga pants with a diet coke and a computer screen, I've been itching to be with people. I'm so people-driven that I can float on clouds for days after a nice conversation with someone in the grocery store aisle. Then seeing and meeting so many of you at the Euna Mae's booth last fall and visiting all weekend while you shopped....I mean, it was more than my heart could stand! Although I've dreamed and built up two other brands that will continue to operate online, this launching of the Euna Mae's blog and sharing products with you has really spoken to my heart. It's who I am.

So it's just time. Time for me to be with you in person not only to sell dreamy products that I believe in, but also to see your faces and build neater relationships. I just gush when I think of y'all coming in Euna Mae's to buy something for your home or for a friend, but you leave feeling encouraged and sparkly inside. It's my dream. 

{my store}
Euna Mae's Heirloom Kitchen and Home Goods will be located at 1503 Carley in Springdale, Arkansas, just one block South of Highway 412/Carley intersection. We are repurposing an existing salon that is moving to the building just behind. It's a cute little cottagey spot that will be bright and cheery and charming! It is 2.5 minutes from my house, and less than ten minutes from my kids' schools...because that was entirely important to me. Plus there are several little shops in that area of our town which makes shopping at Euna Mae's convenient to the grocery, the post office, the drug store, and other retail stops. It is the perfect launching pad for Euna Mae's to take this step!

Euna Mae's will be filled with carefully chosen items, not only for your kitchens, but for your homekeeping and gifting too. Think warmth, comfort, and character. Think functionality, purpose, and craft. Think kitchen store meets flea market meets your great-grand's house. Think Southern. Think nostalgia. Think charm. Products that tell stories and blanket your home in hospitality. Items that would offer you a bite of sweet if they could.

Euna Mae's will open in late Spring. You know I'll let you know when! And there will be gifts and giveaways. And pound cake! In the meantime, we're working, dreaming, ordering, designing, and doing everything we can to make Euna Mae's a place you long to frequent because you leave with good things in your hands and in your hearts.

I can't wait to see you there.