February 13, 2014

fun announcement friday!

Remember this? Ahhhh, the Euna Mae's booth at last Fall's holiday shopping event! It was the most fun weekend ever for me! I loooooved seeing you and hugging your necks and talking about rolling pins and aprons and scalloped bakeware. I was on Cloud 9 for days afterwards because y'all filled my tank. Did you know that you ladies bought every single thing that I brought to that event with the exception of one box of items? (We found a box of dish towels that we forgot to put on the floor!) But otherwise, you bought it up. Fun for me, and I hope, fun for you too!

Sooooo, I am planning another Euna Mae's shopping opportunity for you!! And I'm sharing that info with you tomorrow to celebrate Valentine's Day! I'm so excited I could burst!

So be sure to follow @EunaMaes on instagram or check in here tomorrow to hear the news!