March 21, 2014

euna mae's store progress pictures!

What a week! What a week! It started with a whirlwind trip to Chicago with my honey-cakes to attend the International Home + Housewares show. We met with major national brands like Le Creuset, Staub, Nordic Ware, Calphalon PLUS some neat smaller retailers who make beautiful products for kitchens and keeping. It was a dream. I wore a name badge that said "Euna Mae's" and I got to say over and over that I was opening a "specialty kitchen store". Isn't that fun?! I said it over and over. And this whole store-thing started to feel real!

Then....we came home and got to take possession of my building! And oh brother, did it feel real then! Black front doors and columns that will get a new face. A big empty storefront with dark gray walls and dark gray ceilings in need of sheetrock repair.  And it began. Patching, texturing, and taping off to be coated a creamy alabaster white. And my carpenter delivered the custom cabinets, shelves, and checkout counter that I had designed for him weeks ago. I literally jumped and squealed, jumped and squealed. I can just see it all in my head, and I'm over the moon!
Can you believe how much just the cabinetry changed things?! There is a T-O-N to do between now and opening, which looks to be early May. So I'm somewhere between panic and heaven. But I'm excited. (I have used and will use the word "excited" entirely too many times. But I'm excited!) I'm regularly posting progress pictures and product updates on my @eunamaes instagram throughout the week, but I thought I'd give the rest of you non-IGers a peek too. Check out hashtag 'eunamaescomingsoon' for all of the images!

In the meantime, we're eating quickie meals. Nothing that you would want to see or repeat in your own homes. Trust me. Although, I did make a mean pan of creamy chicken enchiladas last night that we scarfed down. I'm itching in a big way to make something coconut soon. As soon as I see daffodils, I start tasting coconut. Is it just me?! 

So here are a couple of progress pictures from this week! By next week it'll all be painted! Eeeeee! Thanks for hopping in the with me on this adventure. It's so fun for y'all to be a part!

Have a good weekend! And somebody please make a coconut cake and think of me. {smooch}