February 06, 2015

Doughmestic Housewife pop-up shop

She's an instagram superstar! And for good reason!
The Doughmestic Housewife is a true cookie artist whose work is unmatched! People often ask me if they taste as good as they look - to which I answer, "I've eaten as many as four in one sitting." 
Yes, they're good.
Holly and I are partnering to give y'all an extra fun day of cookies and shopping!

The Doughmestic Housewife is coming to Euna Mae's!
Holly is setting up a pop-up shop in our kitchen and will be selling singles and sets of her one-of-a-kind cookies! Plus they'll be Valentine-themed for your gifting!
Everything you purchase in the Euna Mae's store during the time of the event is 10% off!
Isn't that fun?!

We expect it to be crowded so come early and be ready to wait for your oh-so-worth-it cookies!

Happy Valentine's Day from Euna Mae's and the Doughmestic Housewife!