June 13, 2020


After having been closed for almost 100 days, the Euna Mae's retail store will be reopening for limited store hours beginning Thursday, June 18. We plan to tip toe back into in-store retail while the Euna Mae's online store still continues to upload new items regularly! We are also adhering to strict CDC guidelines for personal and public protection. Of course we cannot wait to hug and visit one day! But for now, we will do our part to both move forward in community and retail while honoring each others' well being above anything else!

Thursday 10am-2pm
Friday 10am-2pm
Saturday 10am-4pm
*limited store hours until otherwise noted; always watch our social media for the most recent updates

Euna Mae's curbside is also available during these times for those of you who would prefer              staying in your car! We are happy for you to call the store (479-419-9690) or to email us (customerservice@EunaMaes.com) and we will be glad to serve as personal shopper and curbside deliverer for you! 

Sanitizing stations are available right inside the door as well as throughout the store. We ask that each customer sanitize his/her hands upon entering and also as you browse the store. 

Masks that cover your nose and mouth are required for shoppers and employees inside Euna Mae's. No matter how old or young. Whether you are new to Euna Mae's or you've shopped with us a hundred times. Please. We feel strongly about leading out in caution and wisdom in this simply because of the newness, the unknowns, and the rapidly developing information about this virus' behavior. If you do not have a mask, we will offer you a complimentary disposable mask. And if you do not wish to shop at Euna Mae's wearing a mask, then we look forward to seeing you in our store after the pandemic has subsided. 

Social distance is not the normal or preferred way at Euna Mae's! But we will absolutely honor social distance with you, and we ask that you do the same while inside the store. 

We are grateful for your support during this time not only for my small business, but for other small businesses and restaurants as well. The number one goal is to keep you, the store employees, and their families safe. We cannot wait to see you! We'll be smiling with our eyes until we can squeeze your necks again!

Amy Hannon and the Euna Mae's team